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No rights are more highly regarded at ASUMH than the first amendment guarantees of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the right to assemble peaceably. ASUMH remains firmly committed to affording each member of the university community the opportunity to engage in peaceful and orderly protests and demonstrations. However, these activities must not disrupt the operation of the university. Additionally, such opportunities must be provided on an equal basis and adhere to the basic principle that the university will remain neutral as to the content of any public demonstration. In order to achieve this objective, while at the same time insuring that the institution fulfills its educational mission, the university has the responsibility to regulate the time, place, and manner of expression. Through such regulation, equal opportunity for all persons can be assured, order within the university community can be preserved, university property can be protected and a secure environment for individuals to exercise freedom of expression can be provided.

Freedom of Expression Operating Procedure

The following provisions and regulations shall apply to faculty, staff, students, student organizations, and visitors: 

  1. Speeches and Demonstrations.The area designated as the Freedom of Expression Area for speeches and demonstrations at ASUMH is at the flag court located on the west side of the campus. This area will generally be available for this purpose between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Use of this area for speaking, demonstrating and other forms of expression will be scheduled through the vice chancellor for administrative affairs in order to accommodate all interested users.
  2. Distribution of Written Material. Non-commercial pamphlets, handbills, circulars, newspapers, magazines and other written materials may be distributed on a person-to-person basis in the following designated areas:

    Freedom of Expression Area

    No stand, table or booth shall be used in the Freedom of Expression Area without permission from the vice chancellor for administrative affairs. The university maintains a position of neutrality as to the content of any written material distributed on the campus under this policy.

    The distribution of commercial materials and publications is prohibited.
  3. Marches. Marches may take place on the streets of the campus. In order to insure the safety of all individuals, the vice chancellor for administrative affairs must approve plans for an event of this nature at least 3 business days in advance.
  4. Provisions. In order that persons exercising their freedom of expression not interfere with the operation of the university or the rights of others, the following stipulations shall apply, without exception, to any form of expression and will be used to evaluate any plan requiring approval. Reasonable limitations may be placed on the time, place and manner of speeches, demonstrations, distribution of written material, and marches in order to serve the interests of health and safety, prevent disruption of the process, and protect against invading the rights of others.
  1. Events that may obstruct vehicular, pedestrian or other traffic must be approved at least 3 business days in advance by the vice chancellor for administrative affairs.
  2. Use of sound amplification on campus is regulated and must be approved by the vice chancellor for administrative affairs at least 3 business days in advance.
  3. There must be no obstruction of entrances or exits to the buildings.
  4. There must be no interference with educational activities inside or outside of buildings.
  5. There must be no impediment to normal pedestrian or vehicular traffic or other disruptions of university activities.
  6. There must be no interference with scheduled university ceremonies, events or activities.
  7. Damage or destruction of property owned or operated by the university, or damage to property belonging to students, faculty, staff or guests of the university is prohibited. Persons or organizations causing such damage shall be held financially responsible.
  8. Persons or organizations responsible for a demonstration or other Freedom of Expression event must remove all resulting structures, signs and litter from the area at the end of the event. If this is not accomplished, persons or organizations responsible for the event shall be held financially responsible.
  9. There must be compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and university policies, rules and regulations.

Visitors to the campus and all others violating these regulations regarding time, place and manner of speech and demonstration will be subject to immediate eviction or removal from the campus and may be subject to appropriate legal action.